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  • Jun 14, 2019

Focus Lab & Focus Lab, LLC

Partnership Proposal

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Executive Summary

An executive summary is always a great place to start when creating a proposal. It sets the stage for the content to come by briefly describing what type of work you’re proposing, and why you’re the right fit to tackle it.

Here’s something to help you get started:

[Your company] presents a proposal to partner with [your client] to [do something really awesome].

In order to accomplish the goals you’ve defined, the work we do must [achieve goal 1], [achieve goal 2], and [achieve goal 3].

[Now close with why you believe you’re right for this project, and why you’d be a valuable partner for this client.]

Focus Lab is one of the best design agencies I’ve worked with not only on a professional level but personality wise as well.


Meet The Team

Describe your company, including what you do and why. What are your special skills and how were you successful on projects like this in the past?

You can do it!

Communication Is Key

Great communication will be the backbone of this project’s success. [Your company] is dedicated to effective communication throughout every project. Throughout this project we'll [do this great thing], [this too], and [don't forget this].

In addition to our internal tools, we will use a few other tools during our partnership. The core of our communication will be via [email/phone/video]. 

The team at Focus Lab is terrific with communication, creativity, speed, and accepting and interpreting critical feedback and turning it into something amazing. A team like theirs is tough to find.

CEO, Company

Rebranding Exercise

We propose the following scope:

  • Project Introduction
    • Records, documentation, and Project Planning Questionnaire review
    • Kickoff meeting with You and Focus Lab team representatives
    • Follow-up brand- and experience-specific questioning
  • Project Management
    • Weekly meetings and weekly feedback cadence
    • Ad hoc meetings as needed
    • Granular timeline with sign-off date requirements
    • Real-time updates to timeline, scheduling, and/or requirements
  • Brand Strategy
    • Evaluation exercise
      • Existing identity
      • Trajectory
    • Audience analysis
      • Demographics and psychographics
      • Implications for design
    • Landscape analysis
      • Industry landscape
      • Competitive set
      • Brand opportunities
    • Proposed direction
      • Target vibe
      • Statement of Intent
  • Positioning Strategy
    • Brand archetypes
    • Positioning: audience, internal, competitor
  • Brand Messaging Exercise
    • Messaging audit
    • Core Brand Messaging Framework
      • Elevator pitch
      • Value proposition
      • USP
      • Brand positioning pillars
  • Verbal Identity
    • Verbal analysis
      • Communications audit & strategy recommendations
      • Brand voice and examples
      • Brand tone, variations, and examples
    • Communications style guidelines
  • Visual Identity
    • Logotype
    • Mark exploration
    • Favicon
    • Secondary typography
    • Color palette
    • Iconography Exercise
      • Abbreviated brand icon set (up to 5)
      • Defined icon style
    • Brand performance (including print/digital web based examples)
  • Print/Digital Collateral
    • Business card template (1 card, front and back)
    • Government ID Card template
    • PDF Booklet Cover design template (up to 1)
  • Visual/Graphic Guidelines
    • Brand style guidelines
      • Co-branded recommendations

Complete Rebrand

Includes everything listed in the scope above


3 weeks

Rebrand (w/o Verbal Identity)

Includes everything listed above except for the Verbal Identity bullets


2 weeks

Rebrand (w/o Verbal Identity, Brand Messaging, and Collateral)

Includes everything listed above except for the Verbal Identity bullets, Messaging bullets, and collateral bullets.


1 week

Get started by selecting a content type on the left.

Get started by selecting a content type on the left.

Next Steps

Option Summary

You've chosen the -- . Let me know if you’d like to discuss these options. If you’re ready to accept what’s been outlined you can do so now. Once I receive your feedback I’ll turn this into an executable contract.

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