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Send beautiful web-based proposals that impress prospective clients — no design or development experience required.

  • Prepare and Upload

    Prepare and Upload

    Add your written content, images, and client quotes to your content library.

  • Design and Customize

    Design and Customize

    Place your content, adjust your layout, and choose a color palette to match your brand.

  • Send and Win

    Send and Win

    Share your proposal link with your lead easily - regardless of whether they view it on desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Prepare and Upload

Prepare and Upload

Add your content into Quokka. From images, project scopes, or customer quotes, you can write it once and use it a thousand times.

  • Text Blocks

    Text Blocks

    Text blocks allow you to write things about you, proposed scope of work, or any element you find yourself repeating.

  • Images


    A picture is worth a thousand words, upload images to use throughout your proposals.

  • Quotes


    Anyone ever said anything nice about you? No? Surprising. Well if they ever do you can write it here.

Prepare and Upload

Design and Customize

With a few clicks you can drop in your content and see how it looks live. Just add your pricing options within any Text Block and you’re ready to go.

  • Layout


    You can quickly place your saved content and adjust the layout easily to find the order that tells the best story.

  • Live Editing

    Live Editing

    The view you see editing is the same your lead sees when they preview the proposal. Saves time and looks great!

  • Choose Colors

    Choose Colors

    With your content and images at the ready, you can make your proposal yours by selecting the hex code that matches your branding.

Design and Customize
Send and Win

Send and Win

Quokka creates a unique URL which you can send to your lead. They can preview it on any device and it always looks great.

  • Unique URL

    Unique URL

    Previewing your proposal is easy from anywhere—no attaching a PDF to an email, just copy the link and send!

  • Responsive Design

    Responsive Design

    Doesn’t matter what device your lead views it on, Quokka proposals always looks amazing and will make you look professional.

  • Accept Proposal

    Accept Proposal

    Your lead can accept the proposal right then and there. Boom, you just got the job and are making in rain.

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